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All-In-One Tutorial 2 All-In-One Tutorial 2

Rated 1 / 5 stars

I'm sorry.

And I'll tell you why: every Tut on its own is pretty bad on its own.

Advanced tweening:

-You gave a few good hints.

-You didn't show an example of what the actual tween should look like in the end.
-I'm not going to lie, your shape tween looked downright awful
-You didn't cover anything about smoothing a shape tween with stuff like extra key frames in the middle and shape hints, making every shape tween someone tries to make look like your's.

Action script:

You gave some scripts, even one i didn't knew about yet.

-You gave the script. There are a lot of people who just blindly except that a script does what you say. Every time they want to do it they just use your script thus making them learn nothing. When you cover a tut you should explain why and not only what. This didn't help people understanding AS.


- The tut explained what it said.

- The pic's about the properties. one had a pic of a .fla file and the second a .swf.
.fla file's are always bigger. you should at least have changed the color in photoshop or actually made a screenie of a .swf of 10mb. And next to that the color change was the first thing i see change in the pic. people could think thats what have to change whit out looking further for changes.

Newgrounds basics:

- Explained a lot of things.

-Most of the time a person finds the flash tut's it already knows a bit about newgrounds. A tut on a site about the same site that is less good then the site's actual faq is pretty useless.
-And again don't just give the names about things also explain what they are. I missed that a lot at some points

Advanced Sprites:
-Again a few good hints. pretty useful for making sprites.

- You named the in, out effect but explained nothing of where it stood or what it does.
-You named loads of things whit out giving enough example's.


-this one was pretty good.

-Still looking :P

I think you could make great tutorials if you'd wipe away the con's. but please update a few of the images that are off date.
goodluck, bet you'd make the best of it.

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Know-It-All 8 Ball Know-It-All 8 Ball

Rated 1 / 5 stars

i don't know

try to find a sphere tutorial cuz your ball didn't look very good. put the 8 in a different position so it doesn't look like a 3, take a different layout and some better music.

its pretty odd that you say you can code so good but your graphics are really on a way lower level.

Pushies Plus 2 Pushies Plus 2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

good game

like others said it was easy. because of the lack of challange it bored me pretty fast.
try to put in bigger pushies, solid pushies(that you can't move through), fast pushies(in another color, and fast so harder to dodge), stunning pushies(makes you unable to move), sticky pushies(harder to move through), bomb's(instant death) and combinations of these. also make difrent shaped pushies so you don't always look to squares, that can be optional though. hope to see a part three sugested it to collection.

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ETERNALGAM3R responds:

I'll definitely take your suggestions into consideration when making the third one.

Smileys War Smileys War

Rated 5 / 5 stars

putted some time in this

pretty awsome game btw

BG|0x5b3f3f#S|352|485|15#S|-353|474|1 4#S|243|275|13#S|-191|281|12#S|137|-4 79|11#S|-141|-483|10#S|1|-783|9#S|0|-
-560|140|-620|260|-640|1|p63|27#P|-40 |-560|-260|-640|-140|-620|1|p62|27#P|
-240|-420|-100|-480|-200|-460|1|p60|2 7#P|-380|-360|360|-360|0|-520|1|p59|2 7#P|320|-240|520|-240|480|-340|1|p58|
p55|37#P|-440|260|-440|180|-460|180|1 |p48|37#P|-440|260|-460|140|-500|120|
p44|37#P|500|120|460|140|440|260|1|p4 3|37#P|520|40|560|-80|500|-20|1|p42|3 7#P|-240|140|-320|180|-400|140|1|p41|
37#P|-160|140|-180|240|-200|140|1|p40 |37#P|-120|140|-140|160|-160|140|1|p3 9|37#P|20|140|-40|220|-80|140|1|p38|3 7#P|80|140|100|200|140|140|1|p37|37#P |240|140|220|220|200|140|1|p36|37#P|4 00|140|360|220|340|140|1|p35|37#P|100 |360|600|260|440|260|1|p34|37#P|-660|
260|-80|360|-440|260|1|p33|37#P|-80|3 60|-80|300|-440|260|1|p32|37#P|100|30 0|100|360|440|260|1|p31|37#P|600|-200 |600|260|440|260|1|p30|37#P|-600|-200 |-440|260|-660|260|1|p26|37#P|100|-12 0|260|-100|260|-180|1|p25|37#P|-280|-
180|-260|-100|-100|-120|1|p24|37#P|40 |-120|-40|-120|0|-60|1|p23|37#P|0|-60 |80|-60|40|-120|1|p22|37#P|-80|-60|-4 0|-120|0|-60|1|p20|37#P|-280|-40|-240 |-20|-200|-40|1|p19|23#P|200|-40|240|
-20|280|-40|1|p18|23#P|400|-20|340|-2 0|400|0|1|p17|37#P|-400|-20|-340|-20|
80|1|p15|27#P|0|80|100|-60|200|80|1|p 14|27#P|-200|80|-100|-60|0|80|1|p13|2 7#P|400|-60|400|80|380|140|1|p12|27#P |-400|80|-400|-60|-380|140|1|p11|27#P |400|80|-400|80|-400|140|1|p10|27#P|-
400|140|400|140|400|80|1|p9|27#O|-171 |494|100|100|100|0|0|obj_30|6#O|-40|5 03|100|100|100|0|0|obj_29|6#O|-114|49 6|100|100|100|0|1|obj_28|6#O|116|498|
100|100|100|0|1|obj_27|6#O|193|484|10 0|100|100|0|1|obj_26|6#O|42|485|100|1 00|100|0|1|obj_25|6#O|321|660|300|199 |100|167|1|obj_24|6#O|309|510|300|199 |100|89|1|obj_23|6#O|323|638|300|100|
100|89|1|obj_22|6#O|327|621|100|100|1 00|101|1|obj_21|6#O|326|545|100|100|1 00|101|1|obj_20|6#O|-373|656|350|300|
100|207|1|obj_19|6#O|-460|531|100|100 |100|199|1|obj_18|6#O|-410|508|300|30 0|100|-87|1|obj_17|6#O|-73|489|400|40 0|100|0|1|obj_16|5#O|96|298|100|100|1 00|0|1|obj_13|25#O|-82|299|100|100|10 0|0|1|obj_12|24#O|-4|-778|66|60|100|0 |1|obj_11|5#O|188|286|100|100|100|-8|
obj_8|6#O|-370|264|100|100|100|8|1|ob j_7|6#O|-132|291|100|100|100|8|1|obj_
O|133|-136|100|100|100|0|1|obj_2|31#O |-269|81|100|100|100|0|1|obj_1|36#WEP |261|467|0|16|wep_16#WEP|154|479|0|15 |wep_15#WEP|-285|-407|-30|14|wep_14#W EP|270|-407|26|13|wep_13#WEP|93|-673|
180|12|wep_12#WEP|-97|-673|180|11|wep _11#WEP|375|260|-14|10|wep_10#WEP|-30 7|269|9|9|wep_9#WEP|-431|476|-13|8|we p_8#WEP|0|476|0|7|wep_7#WEP|-248|484|
0|6|wep_6#WEP|186|-160|-17|5|wep_5#WE P|-180|-155|17|4|wep_4#WEP|240|-48|0|

Subliminal Messages. Subliminal Messages.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

ok lol this was cool

this is for everyone who says it fake, a mate of mine has a recorder on his comp, we recorded al the backword sounds, and normal sounds and they all ended up real(the only one i thouth was fake was the hit me song) so none of them is fake, and its a cool submision lol,stairways to heaven is also a song menth to be likethis backword, but also needed to sound like a good song normal

Gun Justice Gun Justice

Rated 5 / 5 stars

lol that was so funny

it had alot of realy funny scenes, and was also realy hard sometimes, and it is just a great game and i hope it wins a daily

Square Divide Square Divide

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


its a good game, but you can get realy angry if you die near the end of a medium or hard lvl, i like the saving mode

Newgrounds Sig Maker 2 Newgrounds Sig Maker 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

1st an 8, second a 9, third a ?

i liked it it was better then the first one, you stil cant drag pics around, but you can have more then one at the same time.

with a size button last time i ment, 3 size or some thing, like big, medium and small.

there should be more improvments in the third(if it comes out) so that more people will add you to favorites to make there own sig. and it would be used more

on to the improvments,

-graphics still can be better.
-the side clicking is realy anoying, and there is a small bug that makes pressing the back button go slower.
-pictures that r dragable around the sig, so they wont be stuck on one place.
-an add picture button, adds the first pic on a standard spot, but you can change the looks and place.
-a select pic button, so that you dont have to have a button for every picture, but can just dubble click one and then use one standard button
- a fade mode, if you select a pic you just have 5 sets of fading, from full pic, to almost invisable.
- a darker mode, same as fade, but then colours your pic more black on every hit on the button
-a shadow mode, so that some pcis have shadows
-and ofcourse, more pics, of more chars, and logos, and of course more backgrounds,so that you have more to choose

i hope alot of these above things can come in part 3, so some one can make a realy cool looking sig, but actualy could only the size mode give you a 10 in my opinion, keep up the good work

Newgrounds Sig Maker 1 Newgrounds Sig Maker 1

Rated 4 / 5 stars

its great you help people do this

its great that you help the helpless
the game could use some improvements tho:

-more backgrounds, pictures etc.(but that will always be there)
-own typable text(could be pretty usful)
-a option to see everything in a section(in stead of clicking past them)
-higher quality, some of the chars looked awfull in there bigger form.
-a size mode, so you can have a bigger siggy
-the char needs to be dragable so you can place it where you want to.
-more chars at the time on your siggy or even multiple of one
- a fade mode so you can make a char less seeable

sorry if some of my gram is bad
and you should change the background of the flash itself, because you cant read what 2 of the options says.

further its a very good flash with a good idee behind it, cant wait for part 2

Blan's Guide to Buttons Blan's Guide to Buttons

Rated 5 / 5 stars

omg!!! this helped soo much

thx man you explaind it so well i understanded every thing. ive been past alot of guides for buttons but this is the 1st one that made my button actualy work. sitting smilling behind my computer while everything works out with such music on the back ground made every thing great youre the best 5/5 and diserved it